Friday, September 30, 2011

Buy this it

Probably my most favorite blog to read is Mabel's House.  Liz is the best kind of blogger in my opinion.  She's an amazing story-teller, she's real, she's funny, she always posts good pictures, and she blogs for all the right reasons.

Sometimes I have dreams that Liz and I are friends in joke.  Should I be embarrassed that I just said that?

Anyway, some of Liz's greatest posts are ones where she shares real- life stories.  Be it about her husband, her family, her dog, and now the newest addition of her beautiful daughter.  So, when I found out that Liz has a book coming out, I was totally stoked.   I knew that I would appreciate her stories during the difficult "adjustment-to-newborn" stage because Liz's stories always make me laugh, and most of all, I feel like I can relate.

Now, I will admit that I am doing this blog post to win one of her signed free books, as mentioned here.  But, I can guarantee that I probably would have done a post about her book after reading it anyway.  And I'm also strongly suggesting you subscribe to her blog.  It's the first thing I look for when I open my google reader every day.

So, buy the book, subscribe to the blog, I promise you won't be disappointed.

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