Friday, June 6, 2014

I'm back!

Sorry about the 6 month delay...but, I figure if Rob can revive our Jonesabode blog after a whole year, 6 months is nothing!  Right?

A lot has happened around here the past 6 months.  The big news being, I am pregnant!  We found out a few days before Christmas and are due the end of August.  Thankfully, I did not get the headaches like I did with Brady, but I felt pretty awful well into the second trimester.  That, on top of the wretched winter we had made things feel unbearable at times.  I am happy to say we are finally into what feels like summer; warmer temps, pool, outside dining.  It makes me very happy and every day I am thankful for this weather.

We decided to not find out the gender of this baby!  We have always wanted three kids, and since this will be our last and we have 2 boys, I really wanted to wait to find out.  Being the planner that I am, I realize this is very out of character for me, but the truth is I would really love a girl.  I think it's ok to say that, since we have 2 boys.  Although, 3 boys also sounds great in a lot of ways.  I think 3-boy-moms are very special and have had a few in my life who I think are probably the most influential women to me, so that is saying something!  

I've definitely gone back and forth over the past month or so whether or not to post on here.  I would really love to blog and share all the stuff we have been working on around here and just life in general, but I have a hard time making it a priority.  I am hoping that this summer is a little slower paced that normal (until the baby arrives) and that it will help me get into a routine of sharing.  But, I guess we will find out.

To start things off, I thought I'd share this little corner space in our living room.

 I felt like we needed a place where Aiden can do homework, or where the boys can sit and color or do crafts.  The dining room table has always served that purpose well, but it seems like those things are usually happening around dinner prep time, so to have a designated space seemed best.

We had this wood top piece from our closet turned office in the old house.  We converted that space back to a closet when we moved out for renters, so brought the top with us.  We found the legs from Ikea and I decided to spray paint them a pale aqua color.  We have 2 of those chairs floating around downstairs, so I just pulled one of those over.  It was a pretty low cost project, purchasing only the legs and the caddy at Home Goods which s perfect for storing all the things the kids need at hand.

I'm trying to keep the space fairly uncluttered, but it is nice to have a place to throw mail or a bill that needs to be sorted.  I would still like to have space in the living room for some storage for other things that don't fit on top of the desk like coloring books, paint stuff, etc.  We are still figuring out furniture in the living room and dining room.  I would say half of it we love and feels right, but the other half we are moving around a lot and trying to figure out what works best for our needs.  More on that later!

Hoping to be back soon with things that I never updated you on, and plans and projects for this summer.  I think it's going to go by fast, and I think that nesting hormone is finally kicking in!