Friday, September 16, 2011


It seemed like in a matter of hours yesterday, fall arrived.  The change in weather and seasons seems appropriate, since we are having a baby in 4 days and life as we know it, will never be the same.  But, we're excited, to say the least.

Over the next few days I will do my best to make sure things are as ready they can be for the arrival of our son.  Although, you can never actually be completely prepared for a baby.

Rob's sister, Gwyn, came home from Uganda on Wednesday to be here for the baby's birth, she brought him this cute little monkey...

I feel extremely uncomfortable these days and I feel really huge.  Even maternity pants are horribly uncomfortable.  Thank goodness for leggings and sweatpants.  In some ways it will feel weird not to be pregnant anymore, although I think I will get used to it pretty quickly.  

Aiden started back to pre-school this week, which is another big change.  He goes 3 mornings this year, and he was super excited to be back.  I am glad that it works out that the baby is coming when he starts back to school since he loves it so much and I know it is a good outlet for him.

This morning Rob took Aiden to school and then is running some errands, so I've been doing some cleaning and enjoying a quiet morning, listening to my favorite band and smelling my favorite fall candle.  I won't get m(any) of these quiet mornings in the days to come, and that's ok, so I'm doing my best to enjoy these moments.

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  1. You're well-prepared, Jen, and I think it will be as smooth a transition as it possibly can. A cute mirror picture, by the way. You look beautiful...and if it weren't for your belly, you wouldn't even look pregnant!! XO