Monday, August 1, 2011

Old furniture, new spot

A few weeks ago, while sorting through the guest room, I decided my original plans for this dresser in the boy's room was not going to work.  The drawers are too tempermental and it was too large for the space I wanted to use it.

So, I asked Rob if he thought maybe we could make room for it downstairs somewhere.  I always need more storage downstairs for things. 

Rob (being the sweet husband he is) is used to me moving furniture around, so he agreed to carry it downstairs and let me start my process of furniture placement.  We had it one place in the dining room for a day or so, but I wasn't really feeling it there.  So,one day while Rob and Aiden were playing upstairs, I started moving it all around the downstairs to see where it worked best.  Rob's not crazy about me doing things like this when I am pregnant, but I promise I was being super careful.  Plus, I always need to process through furniture placement, it's just how I am.  

I found the perfect spot, which required moving the console and the pictures and mirror in the dining room, but oh well. 

Obviously, I painted it, and got some new knobs from Hobby Lobby- they have great anthro knock-offs for less than half the price.  

I'm already loving the extra storage it provides, and have gotten used to how it has made the dining room a little more tight.  That's what happens when you live in a small space!

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