Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fall Lust

It's all "baby, baby, baby" around here, which I am loving.  I can't wait to meet our son and I am having fun getting ready for his arrival.  It won't be long now, less than 4 weeks!!  I actually had this funny dream about him last night, he had lots of hair and talked a lot.

Anyway, even though I am really focused on getting everything ready for the baby, I am secretly lusting after some fall fashion.  I am really looking forward to not being in maternity clothes,  and being able to wear heels without getting weird looks.  So here are some things I've come across in my "online window shopping".

I like this shoes, A LOT.  I don't wear heels very often, but I like the option for a date night or going to church.  I like these because they would go with everything, but are a little unique.  The price is too much, but, maybe they will go on sale.  I have a confession... I am kind of obsessed with Anthropologie and stalk their website more than I would like to admit.  

This bag is just too cute.  Even though what I really need is a good diaper bag...

I really like the colors in this sweater, and it would be condusive to nursing, so maybe I could actually justify this one!

I am really like wide-legged pants, and these look super comfy.  

So, even though I am pretty certain I won't be going on any shopping sprees in the near future,  I find that it is a little satisfying just to look and not buy.  (['m not being sarcastic, I promise)

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