Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back Again

We were away last week down at the shore, and I had intended to do a blog post before leaving, but never got around to it.  We also didn't have great internet at the house down there, so I was offline all week, which was probably a nice little break anyway.

We had a really great vacation.  It was the last one for us this summer, so it feels like the summer is winding down now.

Aiden loved the beach and the water.  It is so fun to see him enjoying things like this.

He also loved the rides this year.  Last year, I had to ride with him, but this year he loved going on by himself, although I wished he had a friend or sibling to ride with.  He didn't seem to mind though.

Now that we are home, the realization that the baby is coming in 5 weeks is setting in.  Before we went away, I got a lot of things done around here so that when we did come home, I could concentrate on all things baby.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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  1. Love the picture of Aiden on the ride, look forward to more blogging soon. :)