Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene

This past weekend much of the East Coast experienced Hurricane Irene.  The media certainly made it seem like the end of the world was coming (as usual).  I stopped at Wegmans on Friday and it was crazy.  I felt like I should buy more than the gallon of milk and coffee creamer that I needed anyway, but I managed to resist.

Rob went to work Saturday night when the rains and winds just started to pick up.  I'm used to weathering storms at home by myself because I have a husband whose job requires him to be at work no matter what the weather is doing, and storms always seem to happen on nights that he is working.  But, I suppose this time was more concerning since I am 9 months pregnant.

We were very fortunate not to have any major problems through the storm.  We never lost electricity and the only issue was a small amount of water in basement, which was very manageable.  I took the opportunity to sort through some stuff down there, so I saw it as a blessing in disguise.

I was also thankful that Rob made it home from work safely on Sunday morning, despite all the flooding and down trees.

But, I know a lot more people weren't as fortunate.  Both of our parents had major water problems in their basements.  Some people still don't have electricity, and have endured major damage to their homes.

We are so blessed, and I am so thankful that we made it through this storm safely.

{Aiden enjoying some pancakes Sunday morning, a special treat in our house}

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