Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Office

Like I said in my last post, it's been months since we moved our closet into the bedroom and started working on making an office in the old walk through closet.  A couple weeks ago, Aiden and I took a trip to Ikea where I got lots of baskets, boxes, a new desk lamp- things that I have been needing to get for months to make an actual work space to help organize everything.

In addition to organizing, there were a couple of small projects I wanted to complete in there as well. 

I had this Ikea RAST dresser already, but wanted to re-paint it.  I already had the glossy white paint, and I just bought a $3 sample at Lowes for the drawers.  The knobs are old ones from our kitchen cabinets. 

I recovered this lampshade with fabric, all of which I already had.

I didn't want full-coverage curtains for the window because I wanted the maximum amount of light to come in since it is the only window.  So, I just took 2 pieces of fabric I already had, hemmed them, and got the wire and clips from Ikea.  It dresses up the window without losing the light. 


The last thing I did was cover the bulletin board with fabric that I already had.  

It feels good to have space for everything and to have a place where I can sit and do the bills or write a thank-you note.  It will also be nice for Rob once he starts classes again next month to have a quiet place to get work done.  

{it's really hard to take pictures in here because it is such a small space, but hopefully you get the idea}

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  1. The office looks really good. I like the colors and the lighting, looking forward to having you help me decorate someplace someday!