Thursday, July 21, 2011


The good news?  I'm heading down to the shore tonight for 2 days with 4 of my favorite people.

{Steph, Kelly, Kate, me, Meg at Kelly's wedding last summer}

The bad news?  There is supposed to be a heat index of something insane like 115 degrees.  And I am very pregnant.  

This will probably be the last time in a while that the 5 of us will be together like this- with our baby due in September, and Steph is due in with her first in January!! :)  We've been friends since elementary school and I'm pretty sure that is very unique.  Even when a couple months go by and I haven't seen them, I know we would all drop anything for each other in a second, no questions asked.  We also know each other pretty well....

At our wedding (6 years ago) my mom had some people write little "anniversary notes" that we open every year on a specific anniversary.  Here was Meg's for our 6th anniversary last month, 

I love how she knew we would have at least one kid by 6 years of marriage, and the "pregnant with another" comment was the icing on the cake! Also, the night before we opened this, we had all seen each other for dinner, which references the "still get together" part.  I love it- it made me very emotional in my pregnant state.  Also, if you're wondering about the time capsule, after our first year of college we buried a time capsule and were supposed to dig it up right before the first one of us got married- we never found it...

Hope everyone has a great weekend and stays cool!

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