Monday, December 19, 2011

Baby's First Christmas

This is Brady's first Christmas (obvisouly) and I had some trouble figuring out what to get him.  He's three months tomorrow and quite honestly, the kid doesn't do too much.  Not that I have higher expectations of him, it's just, what do you get a three month old?  Aiden was 10 mos old for his first Christmas and it was super fun.  When we took him to the city to see the light show, he spotted this monkey while we were waiting and totally fell in love.  Of course we bought it for him and I will always remember that and associate that with his first Christmas.

So, I wanted to try and find some ways to make Brady's first Christmas memorable with some gifts that hopefully he will come to love and that will be remembered as part of his first Christmas.

Here's his loot before I wrapped it all up.

The two main things that I imagine will be memorable gifts are, Sophie the Giraffe and booties that I ordered from Etsy.  I see Sophie everywhere and if you read any reviews about her, people rave about how she is the best thing for a teething baby. I didn't know Sophie's story before- she's been around a long time, and is French!  I'm hoping that Brady will love chewing on Sophie some day soon.

I knew I wanted to get Brady a pair of homemade booties from Etsy, but was a bit overwhelmed by all the choices.  And the prices ranged from affordable to outrageous.  I was happy when I found these because I wanted something neutral and I got them a little big so that he can wear them through the winter.

A baby can never have too many cute clothes in my opinion.  The soft tractor toys are from Ikea and I also got him this colorful wooden toy. 

I am totally stumped on what to put his stocking...

I remember this time last year I so badly wanted to be pregnant, so to see how much has changed since last year - we are so amazingly blessed!!  

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  1. It looks like Brady will have a great Christmas. It's interesting...the twins I recently watched both had a Sophie!
    And, what a CUTE picture of Brady!! You managed to click that camera at just the right time! XO