Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring decorating

So, now that it's spring, and the weather has even felt like summer at times, I am totally in a color/pattern kind of mood.

I think I probably have about 127 pillow covers that I have made over time.  Ok, maybe not that many, but it's a lot.  And, I just ordered more fabric to make more.  I just can't help myself.  Some day, when I have so much time on my hands to do whatever, I will open an Etsy shop mostly because I love fabric, but until then, I will continue to add to my pillow cover collection.

So, here are some pictures around the house of what I did; all things that I already had.

I switched around the bed pillows.

I realize I haven't shared any guest room pics since we switched the rooms around up on the 3rd floor.

These curtains I made years ago for our bedroom.

I am so glad the huge black dresser fit in this room.  I thought it woud be too big for the space, but it fits perfectly and we don't really have any other furniture in the room so, it works.

And lastly, the sofa in the living room.

I just ordered a couple yards of fabric to add a little more color.  But,  all this pattern inspiration has really made me want to change the curtains in the living room.  Maybe not permanently, but I like the idea of switching things around a little bit for the warmer months.  I really like our gray curtains that I made a few years ago, but I am craving some more color and pattern.

So, here is what I have been lusting after:

These first 3 are from Anthro.  Oh, Anthro, I love you, but why do you have to be so expensive?

same one in blue

I mean honestly, spending $150 plus on one curtain panel?!  I could never bring myself to that.  This one from Urban Outfitters is  a little friendlier on the wallet, but it would still cost about $70 for two panels.

I think my favorite are the first 2 yellow ones from Anthro.  I made the gray curtains for under $40 (for both panels).  So, I started to look for some fabric that would mimic the yellow pattern.  This is what I came up with: has this for $8.50 a yard.  With free shipping, plus coupons, I should easily be able to make these for under $40.  So, I ordered a swatch and am hoping the color and fabric will work.  It is a slub cotton, which is supposed to be a little more linen-like, perfect for curtains.  

I'll just have to find the time to get these done.  But, to save that much money, it will be worth it.  And curtains are probably the easiest thing to sew.  I'll keep you updated!

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