Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gray Winter

This may sound strange, but I kind of like gray days in the winter.  I like the way it makes our house feel.  Sometimes the winter sun is just too bright for me.  I like when it's gray and I can open the curtains and light candles and feel cozy.  I also realized that I've been a bit obsessed with gray pillows, for our gray sofa.  

I made this one before Christmas

Got this one on sale from Anthro.  I spotted it back in the summer and kept my eye out for it to go on sale.

In the spring and summer I love color and pattern, but for some reason in the winter I like things to feel more clean and simple.

The pillow on the chair I got last week from West Elm.  I spotted it on sale when I ordered a new shower curtain.

I needed a change in the bathroom and have had my eye on this one for awhile.  

I'm going to really try not get too down this winter.  Over the past few years I have really grown to not like winter.  I think having kids makes it more stressful- they have places to be, I don't like driving in the snow or ice, feeling stuck at home.  One of the biggest factors is that Rob has a job where he has to be there, no matter what the weather.   It stresses me out.

We've had a mild winter so far.  It feels kind of weird, but I'm not complaining about it.   I do like the coziness that winter brings.   I like being at home where it's warm, with candles lit, drinking lots of coffee. 

This candle is amazing.  Yes, I'm a candle snob and it's from Anthro.   It smells cozy and clean and is perfect for winter.  

I'm hoping to share with you over the next few weeks  how I'm surviving winter.  I will admit blogging is hard with Brady's lack of schedule.  As I was typing that sentence I had to go up and get him from his too short nap.  But, I'm doing my best, and I really want to blog, so hopefully I'll be back soon.  

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  1. I like the new shower curtain! Also, that candle sounds amazing...XO