Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The floors are done!

The floors are officially done.  Rob spent a lot of time putting 3 coats of polyurethane on both floors, but they look awesome.  After the second coat, he used a fine sandpaper and lightly sanded by hand and then brushed on the third coat for a smooth finish.  Obviously, this was more time consuming, but now they are nice and smooth.

Master bedroom (this was actually right before the 3rd coat).

Living room...

There was one water spot (?) on the right in the middle that didn't come up, but our area rug should cover that.  

The boy' room...

I spent yesterday totally cleaning and touching everything up in here and I am so glad that now their room is totally done.  I mean, besides the floral wallpaper in the closet and a new ceiling light, they could move in there tomorrow and it would be fine.  Oh, and Rob and his dad are hoping to install quarter round under the trim this weekend.

As you can tell the floors upstairs are different from downstairs.  We believe downstairs is oak, and they are thinner boards.  Upstairs we found out might be fir, and they are wider and have kind of a reddish tint to them.  They feel a little more rustic, which we like.  

I finally remembered to take a picture of my pocket doors.  Be still my heart.  I am so excited about these.  I hope we actually use them.  We also like that they are the original wood, which there is not much of in the house.  There is some paint on the side where they close, but we're hoping we can strip it off.  

My (30th!!) birthday is this Friday, so Rob and I are staying over night in the city tomorrow.  Even though we feel like we are in total crunch time right now with the house, we need a break.  We have no big plans, just walking around, going out to dinner and sleeping in.  I'm so excited.  

We're planning on moving next week, and I don't think everything that I would have like to get done will be done, but I'm ok with that.  We are so anxious to move in and live there.  

I showed Aiden the picture of their room last night and he was so excited, he said "I wish we could just go live there right now!".  I'm so excited that he has so much enthusiasm about the new house.  It makes us even more excited than we already are. 

I'll try and get back with a few more updates after the weekend.   

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  1. The floors look beautiful! I'm amazed at how well they turned out under the bay window in the master bedroom, since they looked totally different than the rest of the floor after you removed those built-in storage boxes. You all have done a great job! XO