Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall Decorating and Entertaining

I've been trying to write this post for weeks, but it seems like every time I went to do it, something came up and I haven't been able to finish it.  Life feels very busy right now and it's only going to get worse with the holidays quickly approaching.  We've really been enjoying the fall season, and I'm doing my best to ignore the Christmas stuff in the stores and enjoy November.

A few weeks ago, we started to make some changes in the backyard.

This summer, Rob and I talked a lot about moving the picnic table closer to the house.  We liked it under the big tree, but we thought we might use it more if it were closer to the house.  We also thought it would be better for entertaining to have it be part of the deck area.  

Rob extended the pea gravel area next to the deck.  He also cut the benches off the table, thinking it would fit better without attached benches.  We're still working on a good solution for seating around the table.  Leg chairs are a little tricky with the gravel, but we don't really like the look of having slate or pavers down on top of the gravel.

We also bought some new deck chairs.  We have had our eye on these for a couple of years and when they went on sale at, where I also get free shipping and 5% off with my Target Red Card, it was hard to pass them up.  

We've already spent some time out in this area entertaining in October.  We got to use the wood stove twice too, which was great.  

Back in the beginning of October, we had Rob's family over to celebrate Gwyn's birthday.  For the past 4 and a half years, Gwyn has lived in Uganda and hasn't been home to celebrate her birthday.  So, we were excited to all be together this year.  

I love entertaining.  I love setting the table, and doing little things here and there to make things feel special.  

This wide windowsill in our dining room is one of my favorite pieces of character in our home.  It's the perfect place to set up drinks.

I also made this runner for the table out of a yard of fabric that I've had for years and never used.  Isn't it just perfect for fall?!  We're hosting Thanksgiving dinner here for about 8 people with my family and I am really excited to use this again.  

I've never done a great job of decorating for other seasons/holidays besides Christmas.  This year I have been trying to do a little more for fall.  I am definitely not one to decorate for Halloween, but can get into the pumpkins and coziness that fall brings.  

I took some pictures around the house the other day and thought I would share with you, Instagram-style.  

I made this little garland on the mirror out of fabric scraps.  I also go that little owl a couple weeks ago on clearance from the Patch NYC line at the Shops at Target.  

I actually made this wreath back in September, but never shared it.  I see stuff like this all over pinterest and it was surprisingly easy.  I just wrapped a foam wreath in burlap and to make the flowers I just kind of twisted and glued scraps of fabric.

I do have 2 mercury glass pumpkins that I've had for a couple of years and other than that I just kind of scattered little pumpkins around.  

I also did some rearranging in the dining room.  I swapped out the 2 lamps on the buffet for the one that has been up in the guest room.  Sometimes ya just need a little change.  

So there it is, the post that I've been trying to finish for weeks.  Hope everyone is enjoying the fall season.  Hopefully I'll be back soon!

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  1. Loved the birthday decor of course, thanks for hosting!