Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4th of July

I realize that the 4th of July was almost a week ago, but I thought I'd share some pictures from the day and how we celebrated our country's independence!

We started out the day with a trip to Valley Forge Park.  We live about 10 mins from the park, and I think we often take for granted how close we are to such an awesome place.  Growing up, I spent a lot of time at VF park- sledding in the winter, picnics, riding bikes in the summer.  I have very fond memories of spending time there.  So, I like that we are starting some of the same traditions with our kids.  

Last year, they started a free event on the 4th with games and activities for kids.  All of it is free, and they give great prizes to kids, it's very fun.  The only thing that cost money is the food, which is very reasonable).  Definitely worth checking it out if you live in the area.  

Aiden's favorite part was the dunk tank, which unfortunately I have no pictures of.  He got really good at dunking the girl in the tank.  It was so hot that day, I wished I had her job!

Aiden also joined in the Continental Army and learned all about the disccipline of being a soldier, which of coures also included a wooden rifle.  I was impressed that he stuck with the 30 minute activity of marching and lots of standing and listening.  


Later in the day, we had some friends over for a picnic.  I'm so glad that our backyard and picnic table is getting lots of use this year!  

I had won a giveaway over at one of my favorite blogs- Jolly Goode Gal, which helped me decorate for the occastion.  When I received my little package in the mail a couple weeks ago, I immediately hung up this little flag banner- isn't it great?!

I moved the banner outside for the picnic- do you see it strung between the fence and the tree?

I also made a special dessert from a pinterest recipe.  I was very nervous about how they would turn out, but they were a huge hit!  The only thing I did differently in the recipe was added more flour.

I hope you all had a fun filled 4th and are enjoying your summer!


  1. Looks like you had a great time...and I LOVE the cookies! XO

  2. As always, your house was decorated perfectly for the holiday - and those cookies were AMAZING! I need to go to your boards and find the pin. THanks for having us on july 4th - we had a spectacular time! Love getting together with you Jones's!