Saturday, June 9, 2012

Organizing inspiration

I've been working on a blog post for 2 weeks now and I just can't get it together.  It's all about the projects we are planning for the summer, some of which have already started.  I'm hoping I'll have some time this weekend to finish it.  But, until then, if you need some inspiration, I stumbled upon this blog yesterday...

iHeart Organizing

Oh, be still my heart.  This woman is my hero.  And we have the same name.  And she has 3 boys.  Seriously, the amount of organization loveliness is almost too much for me to handle.  Seriously amazing.

I am most jealous of her laundry room.  Oh, to have a laundry room and not a creepy basement that has crumbling walls.

This may be the reason why I can't get  a blog post together, because I find blogs like this and I just can't stop looking at them.  

Hope you have a lovely weekend and are feeling inspired!

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